What are the trends in the edible oil market?

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What are the trends in the edible oil market?

What are the trends in the edible oil market?

In order to meet the global population growth and the development of bio-energy needs, the development of oil and oil production is still the global oil and oil market trends. From now on, the development potential of the largest soybean and oil palm two varieties.

The trend of edible oil market: 

First, soybean production development potential of the largest countries are Brazil, Argentina and other countries in South America and the United States, Canada and other North American countries. Oil palm production development potential is the largest in Indonesia, Malaysia and other Asian countries. Soybean oil and palm oil, the two major varieties will dominate the global oil market for a long time.

Second, bio-energy will continue to develop. With the gradual reduction of oil resources, the use of food and oil production of alcohol and biodiesel and other renewable clean energy, has become the first choice for some countries. Although the current use of oil production of biodiesel in the oil supply rate of self-sufficiency rate can not be implemented in countries, but some oil and oil production and export power, the pace of development of biodiesel over the years continue to accelerate, especially in the world crude oil prices per barrel has exceeded $ 100, the more stimulating the development of biodiesel (when crude oil prices reached 60 to 70 dollars per barrel, the use of oil to produce biodiesel is profitable). Here we need to pay attention to is that, with the continuous development of biodiesel, there will be "car and people fight to eat fat" phenomenon, which will lead to a shortage of oil and oil resources, the market price is difficult to smooth.

Third, the quality and safety of edible oil more attention. In order to protect the health and safety of consumers, the world will pay more attention to the quality and safety of edible oil products. High-quality, high-security well-known brands will be favored by consumers. To this end, in the oil production and processing process, we must strictly operate the procedures, and constantly improve the technology and equipment, strict product quality, to eliminate benzopyrene, aflatoxin, peroxide and trans fatty acids and other toxic and hazardous substances Allowable range.

Fourth, "nutrition and health" will become the future of the edible oil market. With the development of science, the future of the edible oil market will be more on the basis of safety pay more attention to oil "nutrition and health." For example, will pay attention to oil fatty acid composition, attention to oil products in the physiological substances and trace elements, pay attention to a reasonable proportion of fatty acids, pay attention to the development and utilization of special oil.