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TDTG Bucket Elevator

TDTG Bucket Elevator

Introduction of TDTG bucket elevator:

TDTG bucket elevator provides the most efficient, highest capacity vertical lifting of the bulk material. The use of drive pulleys in the scientific design, covered with plastic-covered top wheels for fire and wear, squirrel cage drum tail wheel, low breakage rate, and a unique anti-run device, speed measurement and shielding material device. This type of grain bucket elevator is widely used in port, malt, oil, grain, feed and other industries control / emission control.

Characteristics of our TDTG bucket elevator:

1. TDTG bucket elevator is designed with a durable structure for laser cutting on key elevator components and machining tools in barrel flange welding, good sealing and high-strength barrel bottom, as well as spindle and tail pulley spindle, As well as qualified nylon bucket, to ensure a highly accurate equipment assembly.

2. TDTG bucket elevator without heat distortion, to maintain high quality, perfect seal, low vibration and noise operation. According to the needs of users, according to the needs of users, the use of mechanical bending, riveting, welding and other processes to ensure good sealing performance, high strength polyester pulleys with low elongation and reliability.

3. TDTG bucket elevator by the explosion-proof motor, reducer, fluid coupling, coupling and other components, with a highly stable transmission effect, effectively prevent the occurrence of the explosion.

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