sunflower oil refining process

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sunflower oil refining process in edible oil refinery plant

sunflower oil refining process

sunflower seeds oil:

Sunflower seed kernel contains 30% -45% oil, the most up to 60%. Edible sunflower oil contains a large amount of linoleic acid (54% ~ 70% of the total fatty acid content), oleic acid (about 39%) and other essential unsaturated fatty acids, can promote the regeneration and growth of human cells to protect the human skin health, and Can reduce the deposition of cholesterol in the blood, higher nutritional value is a high-level nutrition oil,so the sunflower oil refining process is necessary.

Important of sunflower oil refining process:

But the crude oil contains trace wax (about 0.10%) and oxygenic acid, affecting the quality and storage stability, the sunflower oil color golden, clear and transparent, smell fragrance after cooking oil refinery,in daily consumption is an important Edible oil.Sunflower oil refining and refined cooking oil two grades and the sunflower oil refining process is important in whole edible oil refinery plant's oil production.

Simple sunflower oil refining process:

Simple sunflower oil refining process.jpg

edible sunflower oil refining process:

edible sunflower oil refining process.jpg

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