small soybean oil refinery machine

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small soya oil refinery machine

small soybean oil refinery machine

Introduction of small soybean oil refinery machine:

Small soybean oil refinery machine consists of dewatering and deacidification systems, filtration decoloring, transmission systems, oil delivery systems, transmission systems and lubrication systems, electrical control systems and racks. Small soybean oil refinery machine are ideal for families and individuals or small factories.

Detailed process of our small soybean oil refinery machine:

Oil pressed from pre-press and solvent extrating are both crude oil. For using in cooking, crude oil should be refined for edible oil for human being. Refiney section is mainly the parts for Degumming and Neutralizing,Bleaching,De-waxing, and De-odorizing. Then refined oil can be used directly for daily usage.

Crude oil-→deguming and deacidification-→decoloring-→fine filtering→final product oil-→process finished.

Main technical parameters of soybean oil refinery machine:

place   of origin




Henan   China


220v or 380v


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