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edible oil refinery plant scraper conveyor

scraper conveyor

Common types of scraper conveyor:

In the edible oil refinery plant, the most commonly used horizontal scraper conveyor, tilt scraper conveyor, vertical scraper conveyor.

Scraper conveyor components:

The main structure of the various types of scraper conveyor and the composition of the components are basically the same, it consists of the nose, the middle and the tail of the three parts.

Advantages of scraper conveyor:

1, solid structure. Can withstand the palm fruit, corn, peanuts, soybeans and other materials, pressure and other external forces,it's a important part in edible oil extraction machinery.

2, can adapt to the process of oil extraction process floor uneven, bending the need to withstand vertical or horizontal direction of the bend.

3, scraper conveyor body short, easy to install.

4, the structure is simple, in the transport length can be any point of feed or discharge,for example,the process of palm oil expeller.

5, when the tail does not set the chassis, and the blade inserted into the pile, the self-take material delivery.

6, scraper conveyor chassis closed, in the work can prevent dust flying and pollute the working environment.

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