rapeseed oil press machine

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rapeseed oil press machine

rapeseed oil press machine

erucic acid of rapeseed oil press:

Rapeseed oil is a semi-dry oil containing erucic acid.The high erucic acid is less nutritious than the low erucic acid,the rapeseed oil press machine can be meet your requirement, but this type of low-fat fats is particularly suitable for industrial oils such as marine lubricants and tires. In the process of oil production mustard glycosides by the action of mustard enzyme hydrolysis, the formation of some sulfur compounds and other toxic ingredients, thus affecting the quality of crude oil. In general, the removal rate of sulfide is very low, so the consumption of rapeseed oil should be refined in edible oil refinery plant.

Rapeseed oil extraction effect of rapeseed oil press machine:

In the process of rapeseed oil press machine work,some oil press plant can reach 56%, and some are worse, what led to the different oil extraction rates ?

In addition to the quality of the rapeseed oil press machine, and the oil content of the rapeseed itself affects the rapeseed oil yield, there is an important factor, that is, the effect of rapeseed on the oil yield before the oil is processed. Frying seeds directly affect the rapeseed oil rate, which is why different oil mill oil out of the oil rate of different important reasons.

Rough refining technological process of rapeseed oil.

rapeseed oil press machine

Refined rapeseed salad oil refining process (intermittent).

rapeseed oil press machine

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