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Process of coconut oil refinery machine

Process of coconut oil refinery machine

1. Degumming and deacidification

Degumming is using phosphoric acid ,water to react crude oil and then separate phosphatide from oil. But in order to reduce more phosphatide, after enough phosphoric acid treatment, adding alkali inside oil to neutralize free fatty acid , and washing before gum separation , this process is called deacidification. Here the byproduct is soap stock which can be used for making soap.

Process of coconut oil refinery machine

Process of coconut oil refinery machine

2. Decoloration

Decoloration is using clay to bleach oil , in this step, clay will absorb dark colorant of oil .The quantity of clay is depending on the deepness of crude oil. After bleaching , used clay will be screened out by vibrating screen.



3. Deodorization

This step is to remove some unnecessary odors from crude oil. Normally for chemical oil refining ,it adopts plate deodorizing tower using high temperature steam to remove odors.



After above steps , the final product is refined cooking oil ,but some cooking oil need more treatment such as dewaxing for sunflower oil, fractionation for palm oil etc.

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