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peanut oil machine

Peanut oil machine

Principle if peanut oil machine:

Grease oil press is divided into two kinds of press: physical direct press and solvent extraction press.Whether it is physical press or solvent extraction need to go through the edible oil refinery plant to refining, get refined edible oil to remove impurities in the oil for customer consumption.

(1) Peanut is a high oil content of crops, peanut oil within the spherical or granular presence in the cell is surrounded by a layer of thin film surrounded by the outside squeeze in the process, this layer of film and cell wall Burst together, peanut oil will flow out from the cracks;

(2) In the extrusion process, the peanut part of the oil squeeze out, the peanuts become brittle and hard, lost before the original elastic squeeze; and peanut red fiber containing more fibers, after applying pressure, and peanuts Surface separation, so that peanuts are easy to fall off;

(3) In the extrusion process, the peanut is the pressure will not lead to no broken beneath the phenomenon, it is easy to restore the status quo;

(4) According to the requirements of fat content, respectively, the application of different pressures. Can be obtained with different degreased peanuts.

Peanut oil machine production process:

Peanuts – temperature control drying – raw materials wrapped – pressurized – skimmed peanuts

Benefits of peanut oil:

Four benefits Peanuts as one of the common favorite food of the people found that it has a certain medicinal value and health care function, the following list some of the useful effects of some peanut oil.

(1).Lower cholestero: peanut oil contains a lot of linoleic acid, this substance can make the body's cholesterol into bile acid excreted, so as to avoid the deposition of cholesterol in the body, reducing the cholesterol in the human body more than normal caused by The incidence of multiple cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

(2).Delay human aging: peanut zinc content is generally higher than other oil crops. Zinc can promote children's brain development, enhance the memory function of the brain, can activate the brain cells in the elderly, effectively delay the body premature aging, with anti-aging effect.

(3).Promote child bone development: peanut rich in calcium, can promote the development of children's bones, and to prevent the occurrence of skeletal degeneration in the elderly. Peanuts are rich in fat oil and protein, postpartum milk are nourishing milk through the role of milk.

(4).Prevention of cancer: peanut, peanut oil contains a highly bio-active natural polyphenols – resveratrol. It is a natural chemical prophylactic agent for cancerous diseases, while also reducing platelet aggregation, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Resveratrol is listed as one of the most effective anti-aging substances. And rich in resveratrol peanut, peanut oil and so on.

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