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edible palm oil refinery machine plant

palm oil refinery machine

Introduction palm oil refinery machine:

Crude palm oil refining machine can be divided into continuous refining equipment and semi-continuous refining equipment,semi-continuous refining process and complete sets of equipment can improve the operating environment of small and medium oil plants to improve oil quality and increase the economic benefits of oil plants,Fully continuous refined oil equipment,a high degree of automation,and high quality oil products,more suitable edible oil refinery plant for daily processing capacity of more than 100 tons of rapeseed oil and other bulk oil.

continuos palm oil refinery machine:

In the continuous refining process of palm fruit, the use of a unique degumming process, in the extension of phosphoric acid and oil reaction time under the premise of the oil by adding a specific additive to maximize the removal of oil in the phospholipids. The new clay automatic quantitative system can be more accurate to add the adsorbent, so that oil more reliable, full vacuum closed refining process investment, product quality is good. According to different oil species, the different requirements of the product, the design of the best route.

palm oil refinery machine working principle introduction;

(1)pretreatment equipment for the oil fermentation,palm fruit outer skin damage after the fruit of the lipase activation will lead to short-term rapid increase in free fatty acid content.

(2)after the fermentation of the palm fruit string by the off-fruit machine for empty fruit and palm fruit separation,get oil rich in pulp,palm pulp by crushing,crushing and pressing to get crude palm oil,cake and fiber The Coat palm oil after a series of refining,get refined palm oil,cake and fiber after separation can be palm kernel.


(3)processing of palm kernel to get hair palm kernel oil.

(4)After the crude palm oil is diluted with water,it is settled by filtration,and a relatively purecrude palm oil is obtained,and then the oil which has been refined is stored in the oil tank.


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