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edible palm oil expeller with refinery project cost

palm oil expeller

how about palm oil expeller:

The commercial production of oil palm expeller can be maintained for 25 years. Oil palm is the world's most productive oil-producing plants, nursery cultivation of brown seedlings, one year after germination transplanted soil, per hectare can be planted 138 palm trees, with an annual output of about 20-25 tons of palm fruit / hectare, 2-3 Year results, 8-15 years into the Wang period, to 18-20 years after the beginning of aging, production decreased, this time usually need to cut off the re-picking, picking workers per day can pick 60/70 string of brown fruit, palm The fruit grows on the large fruit string of the palm trees, and each fruit string is about 2000-3000 pieces of palm fruit. , Each tree 10-12 long fruit string, weighing 20-30 kg / string, the annual output of each tree twice. Usually palm oil expeller 28% -30% palm trees in edible oil refinery plant.

why to fermenting before palm oil expeller:

Why the palm fruit in the picking 24h for the fermentation?

First in palm oil, the formation of acid is due to palm oil in the lipase or fatty acid catalase in any of the two hydrolysis caused. Under normal circumstances, the free fatty acids of palm oil are generally higher, which is mainly due to the lipase in palm fruits to promote the oil in the hydrolysis, but not broken palm fruit fruit, less free fatty acids.

Second, in the fruit of undamaged palm fruit, the free fatty acid is very low, but once the palm fruit flesh cells are damaged, the fruit lipase activation, in the early free fatty acid will rise sharply;

Third, the late free fatty acids rise and slow down until the lipase activity passivation can be stopped. The amount of free fatty acid in palm oil depends, in fact, on three factors:

1. The maturity of the fruit (too mature fruit is easy to damage);

2. the degree of ear pretreatment (bactericidal) reached;

3. As well as the time between harvest and lipase passivation, the shorter the time the free fatty acid content is lower.

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