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Palm kernel oil refinery in edible oil refinery plant

Palm kernel oil refinery

Palm kernel oil with coconut oil:

The process of crushing oil, including crushing, rolling embryo, steaming, pressing. Its production process and equipment and general oil similar,and cooking oil refinery machine need choose according to the oil material.

Fresh palm kernel oil is opaque or slightly yellow, has a solid consistency, with a favorite taste of walnut in edible oil refinery plant, but in the custody of palm kernel oil in the part of the material quickly decomposed, and bring the taste of spicy.

Refining of Palm kernel oil with coconut oil:

Palm kernel oil contains a lot of low-grade fatty acids (lauric acid), and palm oil in the fatty acid is very different, and coconut oil in all aspects are very similar.

Palm kernel oil and coconut oil are non-drying oils. Fatty acid composition of lauric acid (accounting for 45% ~ 5l% of fatty acids), followed by myristic acid (about 13% to 25%), low colloidal content, particularly suitable for physical refining deacidification. Palm kernel oil and coconut oil soap grade and food grade the palm oil refinery machine is different with other oil refinery. 

Refined cooking oil refining process is as follows:

                  Phosphate      white clay

                          ↓                   ↓

    Gluten Oil –→ Dry Degumming –→ Filtration – -→ Deacidification / Deodorization — → increase gloss Filtration – -→ Refined edible Oil

                                        ↓                              ↑

                             Waste white               water vapor

Operation points: dry degumming the main purpose is to remove rubber and trace metal ions.

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