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mini edible oil refinery plant

mini edible oil refinery

mini edible oil refinery remove phospholipids:

It is well known that mini edible oil refnery equipment can remove harmful substances and various impurities in the crude oil in edible oil redinery plant, and the impurities contained in the untreated crude oil are very harmful to the health of the people. The exterior and quality of the oil can also produce Big impact, then, the main harmful impurities in the oil – phospholipids, it has what impact on the oil material? Refining oil equipment can remove phospholipids?

mini edible oil refinery effect:

The presence of phospholipids in the oil has a significant effect on the quality of the produced grease and the storage performance of the cake. Phospholipid nature of lively, easy to absorb moisture, it is combined with protein, sugar and other easy to hydrolyze the complex exists in the oil seed colloid, easy to condensation, fever, mildew, not only detrimental to custody and long-term storage will promote non-water The formation of phospholipids, to refining the refining of oil to add trouble.

general process of oil refining:

mini edible oil refinery and dible vegetable oil refining process can be divided into general edible oil refinery, advanced edible oil refining and special oil refining, their refining process is vary according to the use of grease products and quality requirements.

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