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MC Scraper Conveyor

MC Scraper Conveyor

Introduction of MC scraper conveyor:

MC scraper conveyor is a special conveyor, it is mainly applied to oil extraction equipment. MC plate scraper conveyor body can be 0-90 degrees of rotation with a high degree of flexibility, which greatly improves the efficiency of various oil immersion plant to transport wet meal, while the equipment can adapt to a variety of different environments.

Advantage of our MC scraper conveyor:

1. MC scraper conveyor combines simple structure with flexible configuration features. The device can raise the wet meal of the oil immersion plant to 0-90 degrees.

2. MC scraper conveyor with split structure, easy to disassemble and repair.

3. MC scraper conveyor using heavy welding bending chain, special processing shaft, chain plate and scrapped to ensure high strength, high durability conveyor belt.

4. MC scraper conveyor with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, to ensure that the drum scraper blade high strength and wear resistance, to avoid the conveyor and scraper between the direct friction, reducing the operating noise, effective Extended delivery life.

5. MC scraper conveyor has a long operating life, low energy consumption, low damage rate of materials, a variety of applications have a wide range of applications.

6. MC scraper conveyor using solvent-based exhaust valve design, in the tail-face scraper conveyor on the end, the failure rate is low, sealed, easy to operate, easy maintenance.

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