oil refining process of cold press extraction-refinery oil press process

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This is mainly process about oil refining process of the cold press extraction

Refinery edible oil equipment’s cold oil extraction process is the human most depends oil press technology in the early, the most natural edible oil refining process to become the current society is more keen on the way the oil, the market some senior of the oil’s refining is still relying on edible oil refined equipment that cold pressing technology to complete the oil pressing. Cold pressing out of the oil, the maximum preservation of edible oil nutrition and edible oil has a unique natural aroma.

       But this kind of oil refining process in modern society has changed, the oil pressing from the original artificial process into the current model of lager oil production equipment technology, which is the performance of edible oil production progress, but low-temperature technology to become the premise of oil equipment, cold pressing is also the current market Still the mainstream of the mainstream technology. 

The edible oil refinery equipment pressed peanut oil, tea seed oil and corn oil etc, and we get them from the cold pressing process, they are because there is a low-temperature extraction of the press in order to high prices in the market itself, although the leaching method can also meet the temperature Requirements, but it also put all the essential substances inside the grease also removed, in the senior edible oil is still in the cold pressing process occupies an important position, we see in the supermarket and store “low temperature press” words marked Edible oil packaging will find the price is very expensive.

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