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Fractionation section

Fractionation section

The production capacity of fractionation section: 


Raw material for fractionation section

Deordorization oil

Description of fractionation section:

Palm oil fractionation technology developed by Henan Hongde company is with advanced technology,full computer control system and low cost of investment. It is also with high liquid yield,high purity solid fat,high economic benefit,and other advantages.

Palm oil fractionation technology is a new oil processing technology. Using palm oil fractionation technology can get 8℃,10℃,14℃,18℃,24℃,33℃,44℃,55℃ etc.different melting point’s palm oil product.At the same time, it can also be used to do cottonseed oil, fish oil, pork oil and other animal oils.This prominently improves the added value of the oil products increases the economic benefit of enterprise.

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