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En-Masse Conveyor

En-Masse Conveyor

Introduction of En-Masse Conveyor:

En-Masse Conveyor uses advanced design, and has an efficient bulk material chain conveyor system, greatly improving the transport efficiency, allowing in any conveyor system automatically feed and discharge, wide range of applications, easy to operate.

Characteristics of our En-Masse Conveyor:

1. En-Masse Conveyor key parts materials are manufactured using laser cutting technology and high-volume processing, including mid-flange welding, head and return pulley processing to ensure maximum equipment assembly, making the structure stable and greatly increased service life.

2. En-Masse Conveyor is equipped with professional fixture processing, the overall structure is compact, simple structure, stable performance, high quality, good sealing performance, low vibration, low noise, small size and so on, so that the operation is more reasonable and standardized.

3. En-Masse Conveyor's perfect sealing performance avoids the expansion of dust, transporting all possible contamination of the material and improving the manual state.

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