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edible oil refining plant with edible refinery project cost

edible oil refining plant

introduction of edible oil refining plant:

Crude oil through refining, oil, water, impurities, acid value, peroxide value have reached the national quality standards, and not easy to rancidity deterioration, and favorable storage, cooking does not produce a lot of fumes, to maintain the oil flavor, refining The grease can be packaged for sale, cooking food.

Refining process equipment is divided into intermittent and continuous, intermittent use of the production scale is small or frequent oil replacement business. Continuous application for large-scale edible oil refinery project cost production enterprises sometimes, the production line is suitable for a long time running.

Edible oil refinery plant to improve the quality of refined oil techniques With the continuous progress of society, people on the requirements of edible oil quality is also rising.Edible oil refinery plant how to improve the quality of refined oil it:

edible oil refining method:

1、Catalysts: There are many co-oxidizing substances in the grease, trace metals, especially the variable metal has a significant impact, they are strong oxidative rupture of oil and strong catalyst, because of their presence, greatly shorten the oxidation of oil time, speed up the oxidation reaction speed.

2、Grasp the temperature: temperature is a very important factor affecting the speed of chemical reaction. For the general chemical reaction, the temperature increases by 10 ℃, the reaction rate is about doubled; for oil oxidation speed, temperature also plays an important role.

3、Complementary Oxygen: The process of automatic oxidation and polymerization is the process of reacting oil with oxygen, and the amount of oxygen absorbed during the automatic oxidation and polymerization process is gradually increasing. Under normal circumstances, the greater the concentration of oxygen, the faster the oxidation rate. In the storage container, the greater the partial pressure of oxygen, the more rapid oxidation.

4、Moisture: Moisture can cause and promote the spoilage of hydrophilic substances (such as phospholipids, enzymes, microorganisms, etc.), strengthen the activity of the enzyme, is conducive to microbial reproduction, leading to hydrolysis rancidity, increase the formation of lipid peroxides.

5, the appropriate light and ray

Effect of light onedible oil refining:

Light, especially ultraviolet, can promote the oxidation of grease. This is due to photooxidation, and can trace the amount of hydrogen peroxide in the oil decomposition, resulting in free radicals, and into the chain reaction, accelerating the oxidation of oil. Hingbo grain and oil high-energy radiation food can significantly improve the sensitivity of oxidative rancidity, usually this phenomenon is interpreted as radiation can induce the generation of free radicals.

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