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edible oil refinery machinery plant

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Introduction edible oil refinery machinery:

Crude oil is only the product of oil expeller or oil solvent extraction,oil with edible oil refinery machinery is an indispensable step,crude oil contains harmful substances to consumers. Some of these substances are naturally present, some are produced in the production or storage process, cooking oil refining related to the health of the human body, these harmful substances must be carefully removed,however,what about edible oil refinery plant with edible oil refinery project cost.

Typical edible oil refinery machinery process:

For soybean oil, peanut oil, sesame oil and other oil material. If high quality of raw oil materials,edible oil refinery machinery high quality and reasonable of oil extraction process, the quality of crude oil is better, free fatty acid content is generally less than 2%, easy to refine, the refining equipment is not high wear.

Rough edible oil refinery machinery process (intermittent)

edible oil refinery machinery

Operating conditions of edible oil refinery machinery:

1.After filtration, the oil contains no more than 0.2%

2.Hydration temperature of 90 ~ 95 ℃

3.Add water for the glume content of 3 to 3.5 times

4.Hydration time 30 ~ 40min

5.Sedimentation separation time 4 h

6.Drying temperature of not less than 90 ℃

7.Operating absolute pressure of 4.0 kPa

8.If it is refined leaching crude oil:

9.Desolvation temperature of about 160 ℃

10.Operating pressure is not greater than 4.0kPa

11.Dehydration time l – 3 h.

Soft water refers to water that does not contain or contains less soluble calcium and magnesium compounds. Soft water is not easy to produce scum with soap.

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