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edible oil extraction machinery with edible oil refinery plant

edible oil extraction machinery

pretreatment of edible oil extraction machinery:

Impurities is oil material in the harvest, drying, transportation and storage process will be mixed into some of the sand, soil, stems and leaves and iron and other impurities, the oil material impurities cleaning is important before edible oil extraction machinery press, if not clear before production, will reduce the oil out of oil and press efficiency, The production process is very unfavorable,in the edible oil refinery plant will increase the process and may affect the oil.and the  Oil material contained in the impurities can be divided into three categories, namely inorganic impurities, organic impurities and oil impurities three categories.

impurities of edible oil extraction machinery:

①inorganic impurities soil,sand,dust and metal;

②organic impurities stems and leaves,ropes,hull and other seeds;

③oil impurities immature grain,heterogeneous oil,the provisions of the following broken mesh oil and pests and other particles.

removes impurities of edible oil extraction machinery:

①screening:screening is the use of oil material and impurities between the particle size (width, thickness, length) of the difference, with the sieve separation of impurities. Commonly used screening equipment with fixed sieve, vibrating screen and rotating sieve and so on. Their main part of the work is the screen surface, according to the shape of oil and impurity particles and the size of the rational selection of mesh.

②wind selection:wind selection use of oil material and impurities between the suspension speed difference, with the method of wind removal. The main purpose of the wind election is to remove light impurities and dust, but also to remove some of the stones and clods and other heavy impurities, this method is commonly used in cottonseed and sunflower seeds and other oil cleaning. Wind classifier can be divided into two kinds of blowing and suction.

③ Magnetic separation:magnetic separation is the use of oil material and metal impurities in the magnetic force, remove the oil in the magnetic metal impurities. Oil plant commonly used magnetic separation device has two kinds: permanent magnet drum and permanent magnet.

④ water selection:water selection is the use of water and oil direct contact to wash away the oil attached to the surface of the oil, and according to the proportion of different raw materials in the water settlement speed ranging from the principle of the oil in the stone, sand, metal And other heavy impurities to remove, and side by side under the infiltration of water can be loose into the fine particles washed by water, washed with water can also effectively prevent dust flying.

⑤ side of the mud clean: its shape, size and oil material seed equal or similar, and the proportion of oil and oil is also not very significant difference between the soil, known as "side by side mud", especially in rapeseed and soybean, The use of screening and wind selection equipment can not be effectively removed, you must use a special method and equipment can be, the main equipment to clean the side of the mud with iron roller milling machine, rubber roller hulling machine , Disk shelling machine, horizontal cylinder screening and vertical cylinder screening and so on.

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