Crude palm oil refining process

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Crude palm oil refining process

Crude palm oil refining process 

What is palm oil refining?

Palm oil refining is based on different uses and requirements, the use of physical methods and chemical processes to remove harmful impurities in crude oil and unnecessary substances to get the standard palm oil. Therefore, the palm oil refining machine is the main equipment for refining crude oil.

Introduction of crude palm oil refining process:

Crude palm oil refining degummed parts:

Degumming is the first step and basic step in the crude palm oil refinery plant. The purpose of the degumming process is to remove impurities from the crude oil and make it more suitable for further refining processes. Dehydration degumming and special acid degumming are two main methods.

Crude palm oil refining deacidification parts:

The deacidification system utilizes multifunctional neutralization techniques to develop different types and qualities of oilseed oil refineries, which can be achieved by degumming and neutralizing the process by adding alkali, water and acid, then removing with FFA, crude phospholipids and moisture, And the product (soap feet, phospholipids) are separate.

Crude palm oil refining bleaching parts:

In the refining process, oil bleaching is also known as decolorization. The main purpose of this process is to remove the oxidation of oil, pigments, phospholipids, soaps and other products. In the palm oil refinery plant, the process can improve the color of oil, but also for the deodorization process to provide high-quality oil.

Crude palm oil refining deodorization parts:

The deodorization part plays an important role in the oil production, improves the flavor of the oil and improves the flavor of the oil. The quality of the deodorization equipment has a great influence on the quality of the oil.