crude oil reifning process

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crude oil refining process

Main Section Introduction of crude oil refinery to edible oil :  

(1) Refining section:the crude oil refinery process used to P-acid de-gumming, alkali refining de-acid and water rinsing of crude oil.


(2) Decoloring section: the edible oil refinery plant main purpose used to remove off pigments, bleaching oils and grease dehydrate.The adsorbent is used to adsorb the pigment and other impurities in the oil, and the adsorbent and impurities are filtered out to achieve the purpose of Oil Decoloration and purification


(3) Deodorizing section: to remove off the odor components and foul smelling substance in oil this is cooking oil refinery important,direct effect the edible smelling.


(4) Dewax:the crude oil from oil solvent extraction plant after used to remove off the wax in the oil, in order to get the high quality oil,this is the important step in crude oil refinery process.


(5) Heat-transfer oil stove: supply each device production needing heat energy, temperature reach above 280°C.


(6) Steam generator: produce the needing steam for de-odoring and distillation,Under the condition of vacuum, the free fatty acids and low molecular odor substances discharged together with steam. This method is suitable for high acid oil.


(7) Vacuum pump: supply needing vacuum for dehydrate, de-color, deodor. Vacuum degree can

reach above 755mm Hg.


(8) Press filter: filter clay, filter out clear oil.


(9) Air compressor: blow dry bleached clay, blow empty the leftover oil in the press filter.

Process specification of crude oil refinery:                           

1.The degummed oil firstly enters into the heater to be heated to the appropriate temperature (110°C), and then goes to the bleaching earth mixing tank.for example:sunflower oil refining process.


2.The bleaching earth is delivered from the low bleaching box to the temporary tank by wind.


3.The bleaching earth is added by automatic metering and is interlockingly controlled with the oil.


4.The main function of decoloring process is to remove oil pigment, residual soap grain and metal irons.


5.Under negative pressure, the mechanical mixing method combined with steam mixing will improve the decoloring effect.


6.The oil mixed with the bleaching earth overflows into the continuous decolorizer, which is stirred by non-powered steam.


7.The decolored oil enters into the two alternate leaf filters to be filtered.


8.Then the filtered oil enters the decolored oil storage tank through the security filter.


9.The decolored oil storage tank is designed as the vacuum tank with the nozzle inside, so as to prevent the decolored oil contacting with the air and influencing its peroxide value and color reversion.

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