cottonseed oil refining process

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cottonseed oil refining process

cottonseed oil refining process

cottonseed oil refining process:

Cottonseed oil is also the main edible oil. However, cottonseed oil contains gossypol (content of about 1%) before Cottonseed oil refinery, glial and wax (depending on the amount of oil-containing cotton embryo shell), poor quality, so the unmodified cottonseed oil should not be directly consumed, it's Refining process is also more complex,the Cottonseed oil refining process  is very important in edible oil refinery plant.

Advance of cottonseed oil refining process:

Cottonseed oil refining process for human consumption, contains a lot of essential fatty acids, the most appropriate mixed with animal fat consumption, cotton oil in the linoleic acid content is particularly large, can effectively inhibit the blood cholesterol rise, maintaining the health of the human body.

Rough refined cottonseed oil refining process (continuous style)

cottonseed edible oil refining process plant

Operating conditions of cottonseed oil refining process

Filter oil containing no more than 0.2%, lye concentration of 20 ~ 28 ° Bé, excess alkali for the theoretical base of 10% to 25%, desalted temperature of 70 ~ 95 ℃, drum flushing water added 25 ~ 1001 / h, the oil inlet pressure is 0.l ~ 0.3 MPa, the oil back pressure is 0.1 ~ 0.3 MPa, the washing temperature is 85 ~ 90 ℃, the washing water is added in the amount of 10% ~ 15% of the oil, MPa, the drying temperature is not lower than 90 ℃, the operation absolute pressure 4.0kPa, the oil filtration temperature is not higher than 70 ℃.

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