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edible oil refinery plant with cooking oil refining machine

cooking oil refining machine

cooking oil refining machine introduction:

cooking oil refining machine according to the coherence of production can be divided into continuous and intermittent equipment.

cooking oil refining machine alkaline refining deacidification of the main equipment on edible oil refinery plant, according to the role of the process can be divided into refining cans, oil-base ratio machine, mixer, washing cans, soap angle adjustable tank and dryer etc.

(1) soap angle reconcile cans

cooking oil refining machine's turntable reconcile can body is a short cylinder with a dish cover and a vertebral body. The lower half of the tank has no cage heat transfer device. The vertical thread is equipped with an upright screw stirrer, The sealed packing box is connected with the transmission device. The transmission device consists of an upright motor and a cycloidal reducer. Tank on the roommate material into and out of the tube.

The dish cover is equipped with a lighting lamp and a quick start hole cover, which can observe the degree of control of the angle of pan, and the dish is equipped with a vacuum connection pipe, so that the reconciliation operation is carried out under negative pressure.

(2) oil-base ratio device

The oil-base ratio device is an important device for the concise process when connecting. His process is based on the quality of the crude oil, the proportion of the oil flow, the main proportion of the pump, the ratio of oil and alkali than the machine and diaphragm than the device.

(3) Mixer of cooking oil refining machine:

The mixer is a mixture of alkali or wash water in a highly dispersed, mixed equipment or device, oil paddle, disc, knife, centrifugal mixer and static mixer. At present, large and medium-sized domestic oil processing enterprises are mainly used in paddle-type centrifugal mixer.

(4) ultracentrifuge of cooking oil refining machne:

Ultracentrifuge refers to a centrifuge with a separation factor α> 3 000. Alkaline deacidification process used in such centrifuges, mainly tube centrifuge and disc centrifuge.

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