Continuous oil refinery plant

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Continuous oil refinery plant

Continuous oil refinery plant

Introduction of continuous oil refinery plant:

Continuous oil refinery plant is recommended against the batch refining for higher capacity plants above 30 tons per day and for oils containing higher FFA content. The cost of the continuous oil refinery plant is higher than the cost of the refinery, but it provides high quality oil, while also providing automation systems and low processing costs.

Description of continuous oil refinery plant:

Degumming method:

This is the first step in a continuous refinery, also known as a pretreatment process. In the degumming process, the gums are precipitated and separated due to centrifugal separation techniques. If the oil contains very low chewing gum content, only need to be adjusted, do not need a separate degumming process. Degumming can be carried out in the same neutralization vessel.

Neutral method:

Each edible oil contains a certain amount of free fatty acids, it will increase the harm of oil, the human consumption is harmful. In the neutralization process, sodium hydroxide-NaOH is neutralized in a neutralizing agent at a temperature and stirred. In this way, FFA is separated in the form of soap stocks. Henan company to provide neutral units.

Bleaching method:

In the process of bleaching of continuous refining plants, the color pigments in the oil were removed. Neutralized oils are treated with chemicals such as activated earth, which can remove the color of edible oil. This process is also carried out at temperature. The bleached oil is then filtered to separate the added chemicals and particles from the oil.

Deodorization method:

Deodorization is an important process for continuous oil refinery plant. This process is used to remove the smell of oil. Each kind of oil contains some kind of typical natural color.

In the course of the process, some unwanted scents will be smeared on the oil. The deodorization process removes these two substances. It is carried out under high temperature and vacuum systems. In the process of completing the process, we got the odorless and tasteless edible oil.

Our company is the main designer, manufacturer and exporter of a continuous refinery for refineries and intermittent refineries. It is necessary to obtain the crude oil obtained from the oil press workshop and the solvent extraction workshop before it is used directly. Our continuous refinery by removing unpleasant scents and unwelcome factors make the oil color consistent and have good quality.