Centrifugal oil filter

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Centrifugal oil filter

Centrifugal oil filter

The working principle of centrifugal oil filter:

 Centrifugal oil filter is the use of its centrifugal high-speed rotation, so that the degree of pollution of different lubricants in the oil, water, impurities by the role of different centrifugal force and quickly separated. Centrifugal oil filter is the use of centrifugal principle in the motor high-speed rotation to achieve the principle of different material stratification. Centrifugal filter in the filter when the filter will be attached to the cylinder wall in the barrel, the oil in the innermost, when the motor stops running, the oil will first flow out.So it is very important for the edible oil refining

Advantages of centrifugal oil filter:

1, filtration speed, every 3-4 minutes filter once, each time the amount of oil 15-25kg, every 1000Kg filter volume of a clear oil, easy to operate.

2, compared with other equipment without filter cloth cleaning and filter cloth consumption.

Centrifugal oil filter instructions:

1, before starting the machine fixed to the foot of the machine screws to determine the direction of rotation of the host.

2, start the power switch, the machine began to work.

3, the oil and salt water mixed into the funnel.

4, put the oil well.

5, the centrifugal oil filter equipped with brake device, when the power is turned off, the drum can not rotate when the brake is stable, adjust the brake lever slowly brake or oil reverse.

6, clean up the oil when the first bucket on the outer barrel of three bolts unloaded out, open the cover, and then put the three barrels of the barrel to remove the lift out, open the lid, with a shovel to clean the bucket inside the bucket.

7, with a period of time, the barrel of the middle of the oil disassembly of the nylon plate and then lift the handle and then pull the barrel, the bucket raised, the bucket inside the bucket inside the overflow, and then the barrel installed.

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