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buy oil press

buy oil press

according the oil material on buy oil press:

Choose and buy oil press allows users to avoid a lot of trouble in the processing of oil. from crude oil to edible oil changes must through the edible oil refinery plant or machine,Select the model can be processed rapeseed, soybeans, peanuts, cottonseed, tea seed and other granular oil material.

Buy oil press machine first look at the appearance of the machine paint is uniform, check the machine parts are missing, and then turn the big pulley by hand, so that it turns a few laps to check whether there is iron and other foreign body, Phenomenon, while attention to the gear box gear meshing is normal.

Material embryo into the Barrel after the press, in the spiral under the rotation of the rotation, the gradual feeding end to the direction of the cake to push forward. As the diameter of the screw thread from small to large changes, so that the volume of each chamber gradually reduced; and because of the continuously push the embryo into the barrel, so that after the resistance to push the product pressure, Embryo, squeeze the oil out. While adjusting the cake gap to change the thickness of the cake, the smaller the gap, the thinner the cake, press the pressure inside the chamber.

In addition, the material embryo in the barrel was motion state, resulting in material embryo and row row, garden row, material embryo and squeeze, material embryo and material embryo friction, and produce a lot of heat, so that the embryo in the press Temperature rise, so that there is a good embryo out of oil, improve the oil rate.