Bucket elevator of oil machine

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Bucket elevator of oil machine

Components for bucket elevator oil machine:

The bucket elevator of oil machine in edible oil refinery plant consists of the shell, the traction (conveyor chain), the hopper, the drive wheel (the first wheel), the steering wheel (tail wheel), the tensioning device, the guide device, the feeding port (inlet) (Discharge mouth) and other components.

Transport for bucket elevator oil machine:

Bucket elevator for low to high to enhance the supply of materials through the vibration table into the hopper after the machine automatically transported up and running continuously.

Oil material requirement for bucket elevator oil machine:

We are all the elevator can be identified by the signal to control the machine's automatic stop. Since the traction mechanism of the hoist is a circular chain, it is permissible to transport the material with a higher temperature (the material temperature does not exceed 250 ° C).

Advantage for bucket elevator oil machine:

Bucket elevator with a large amount of delivery, to enhance the high height, smooth and reliable operation, long life and other advantages.

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