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Air-Supported Belt Conveyor

Air-Supported Belt Conveyor

Introduction of Air-Supported Belt Conveyor:

Air-Supported Belt Conveyor offers the most professional delivery solutions for a wide range of industrial dry materials. Air-Supported Belt Conveyor features advanced head, middle, tension, fan and transmission parts with advanced tail, head bolts and gaskets. This Air-Supported Belt Conveyor is widely used in food, port, dock, mining, coal, chemical, steel and so on.

Advantages of Air-Supported Belt Conveyor:

1. Air-Supported Belt Conveyor designed dedicated gas chamber. Air support belt conveyor with professional molding and forming gas chamber slot, allowing scientific and reasonable pressure section. According to the user's request, you can choose single or double air chamber.

2. Air-Supported Belt Conveyor has a solid structure and reliable performance. The use of multi-head, tail, the middle part of the welding fixture, using a reliable structure, good sealing performance, reliable performance, good quality, light weight, low noise characteristics.

3. This large-scale production and long-distance conveyor using two-way transport of dry bulk cargo, to achieve low investment costs, dust and water, environmental protection, low energy consumption advantages.

4. From the conveyor tail, the middle part of the discharge of a variety of emissions to meet a variety of process requirements.

5. Air-Supported Belt Conveyor uses a double labyrinth roller bearing designed to greatly improve the life of the air-cushion belt conveyor.

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